Journal Publications

Krax 21, (1986?) (ed. Andy Robson)

A Man in a Bowler Hat, a Big Red Car (short story)


Insects 1, April 1988 (ed. John Cussans)

A Ciel

Your Scent

Rape me



Insects 2, 1988? (ed. John Cussans)



SPIN(E unborn

for ‘The Doll’ by Hans Bellmer (….spine/obliteration




Insects 4, 1989? (ed. John Cussans)

;…blind panic

Blossom & Gape

Forgetmenots (collage)


pen:umbra 1, 1989 (ed. David Rushmer)

‘---' (for John Cussans)

from ‘Spine:works’ (;…spine/suture)


pen:umbra 2, 1989 (ed. David Rushmer)

The Voice of The Desert

The Space, Not The Word


Mar 2, November 1989 (ed. Bob Cobbing)

Tone Poem 10 (Breathing)

Tone Poem 12


First Offense 5, 1989 (ed. Tim Fletcher)

Unity Sworn to Stillness

Circle in Constriction

Sonic Dawn

For This Instant (pen:UMBRA)

Spirit 55, Fall-Winter 1989 (USA) (ed. David Rogers)

The Book (for Edmond Jabes)


Exile 2.3, Winter 1990 (ed. Ann Elliott & Herbert Marr)

I become you

The gloominess of twilight

On the brink of survival


First Offense 6, 1990 (ed. Tim Fletcher)

Review of ‘The Limitation of Soiling’ by Don David (Spectacular Diseases publication)


Athena Incognito 11, 1990 (USA) (eds. Ronn Rosen & Chris Custer)

Slow tearing in the circulation

Absolution/of nothing

Invisibility/facing my loss

Will of infinity


Mar 4, January 1991 (ed. Bob Cobbing)

The Written World (to Jabes)

to frame an emptiness

what I set free

you are the skin of the nights embrace (to Bellmer)


Memes 5, 1991 (ed. Norman Jope)

10 very short poems (some from ‘Eclipsed’)

Mist of semen

In the confirmation of embrace

Where the shadow falls prey

Carved/from rock

/&/flame. eclipsed light

……….”, &/Condition of the failure.

‘adoration of the earth’

Saliva frosted

In the emptiness of words

Night of

Contact Point (collage)


Oasis 46, 1991 (ed. Ian Robinson)

(from ‘Eclipsed’)

Voice/centripetalled light

We cannot escape the body

./there is air when you breath.

It is only “hands”

, & here


Fractured 3, 1991 (ed. Simon Moon)

Untitled (2 pelvises) (collage)

Suture Point (collage)


Long news: in the short century 1, 1991 (USA) (ed. Barbara Henning)

Honeysuckle nightshade: eulogy for Hans Bellmer

Hall of mirrors


Fuel 1, 1991? (ed. Andy?)

Silent anger of night

You alone

Fig.1 (neck section) (collage/negative image)

Untitled (jumping man) (collage/negative image)

Contact Point (collage/negative image)

pen:umbra 3, August 1991 (ed. David Rushmer)

Untitled (2 pelvices) (collage) cover


Oasis 55, 1992 (ed. Ian Robinson)

Poem (anus of night)

Angel of mud (for Don David)


Talus 7, Autumn 1992

The Written World (to Jabes) poem in 4 sections.

Untitled (jumping man) (collage) – front cover.


Le Miracle Tatoue 2, 1992 (France) (ed. Francoise Duvivier)

Corps loquaces (Spoken bodies) (translated into French)

Un avec la lune (At one with the moon) (translated into French)

Collage (2 pelvices)

Collage (Suture point)

Intimacy: written being/being written, 1992 (ed. Adam McKeown)

(from ‘The hole in the heart' - latterly entitled 'The Heart Chamber')

speak dark

undress yourself of skin

silent anger of night

the night is dark

Collage (normal/accelerated)

Collage (fig.1 head)


First Offense 14, 1993 (ed. Tim Fletcher)

(from ‘Nocternity’)

Body 12                                                                                                        Body 13

Body 14

Body 15


Body 17


Le Miracle Tatoue 4, 1993 (France) (ed. Francoise Duvivier)

To One Long Dead

The Night-Blooming Rose: Hans Bellmer

Collage (front cover: Forming Petrification)

Collage (back cover: fig.6, embryo)

Collage (fig.1 head)


Angel exhaust 9: tyranny and mutation: new radical poets, 1993 (ed. Andrew Duncan)

Spoken bodies (1-6)


Intimacy: pathologos sexualis: readings between the corpora, 1994 (ed. Adam McKeown)

From ‘Nocternity’

Body 1

Body 2

Body 3

Body 4

Body 5

Body 6


Le Miracle Tatoue 5, 1997 (ed. Francoise Duvivier)

through the eyes (for Joel-Peter Witkin)

we fuck/like pigs

open your heart/to the feast of night

I am nothing/fuck me

cold mouth/open


Angel exhaust 16, 1999 (ed. Andrew Duncan)

The Oracle Bone

Locus Amorphous


Haiku quarterly 27 & 28, 2002/2003 (ed. Kevin Bailey)

Eclipsed &


Filament 2, 2003

The Recalescent, part 1

10th Muse 13, 2004 (ed. Andrew Jordan)

The Hostage (after Blanchot)

Yawn of Ecstasy

The mirror cancels her offspring

…in blossoms atop reeds it flares March 2006 (ed. Chris Brownsword)

Vocal Cords 2


First Offense 16, 2006 (ed. Tim Fletcher)

from ‘Blanchot’s ghost’

Second Version of The Imaginary

The Edge of The World


10th Muse 14, 2006 (ed. Andrew Jordan)

Poem II (your eyes/mirrors of death)

Poem VII (flower/or)

Poem VIII (even from the centre of it)

Poem XIV (held my ghost)


Tremblestone 5, 2006 (ed. Kenny Knight)

Reflections of the Corpus


Amusements 3, 2011? (ed. Felix Bazelgette)

Utterly II


Shearsman 107/108, 2016 (ed. Tony Frazer)

The Memory in Our Wings

The Drift



Shearsman 113/114 – 2017 (ed. Tony Frazer)


Rising in the Sap (after Sappho)


Shearsman 119/120 (01.04.19) (ed. Tony Frazer)

What Space Between Us

The Way

Shearsman 123/124 (05.04.20 (ed. Tony Frazer)


I & II (from White Drift)


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