Work reviewed


‘Living in Division and Shifting Sands’ a review of Sand Writings and related works appeared in Angel Exhaust 11 by Andrew Duncan, 1994.


The poem; The Guardians of Urine, from the pamphlet; Love Letters to the Dead quoted and briefly discussed in The Failure of Conservatism in Modern British Poetry by Andrew Duncan (Salt, 2003).

Mentioned  in Centre and Periphery in Modern British Poetry by Andrew Duncan (Liverpool University Press, 2005)

'Interior Spaces' by Clark Allison. Review of Remains to Be Seen published on Stride Magazine blog, 2018.

Review of Remains to Be Seen by Ian Brinton published on Tears in the Fence blog, 2018

Review of Remains to Be Seen Alan Baker published on Litter Magazine, 2018.

Remains to Be Seen selected by editor of SPAM zine (Denise Bonetti) as one of their highlight poetry publications of 2018.

1990 ‘Insects Magazine: Readings’ (with Gilbert Adair, Paul Buck, Allen Fisher)

St. Thomas’s Operating Theatre Museum, London

1990 ‘Reading

Sub-Voicive, London

1991 Works exhibited in ‘Visual and Concrete Poetry’ Exhibition (some works performed live by Koncrete Canticle (Paula Clare, Bob Cobbing, Bill Griffiths)

The Poetry Library, Royal Festival Hall, London

1991 ‘Absence: A Performance of Text’ solo butoh performance for tape, slides and body movement.

Sub-Voicive, London (also reading was John Cussans)

1994 ‘DistURBANce’ physical theatre and multi-media performance with 3 other artists (including Sigrun Gudbrandsdottir & Anne Sorenson)) and live band (Chemical Plant), London (2 performances)

1997 ‘Annual Exhibition’ (Photography)

Royal Society of British Artists, Mall Galleries, London

1997 ‘International Print Festival’ (Photography)

Prefectural Gallery, Kanagawa, Yokohama, Japan

1999 ‘Silverprints, Kallitypes and Cyanotypes’ (Photography)

Heffers Art & Architecture Bookshop, Cambridge

1999 ‘Open Millennium Exhibition’ (Painting)

Kettle’s Yard Gallery, Cambridge

2005 ‘Cambridge Series Poetry Readings’ (with Rosmarie Waldrop, Keith Waldrop)

Drama Studio, Faculty of English, Cambridge

2008 ‘Oystercatcher Book Launch’ (with Peter Hughes, Peter Riley)

Drama Studio, Faculty of English, Cambridge

2011 ‘Reading’ (with Jane Monson, Sarah Howe, Peter Gizzi)

Drama Studio, Faculty of English, Cambridge

2012 'Lost For Words' butoh performance with ink, glass, and noise, in solidarity for Pussy Riot.

Drama Studio, Faculty of English, Cambridge

2015 ‘Xu Zhimo Poetry Festival Reading

King’s College, Cambridge

2018 Magdalene Fleapit reading (with Peter Hughes)

2018 Shearsman Booklaunch, for Remains to Be Seen, Swedenborg House, London (with John James)

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